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Wee little house

wee little house Originally uploaded by mikefranklin. Water drops are fun. My neighbor’s house is mostly visible, upside down in the drop.

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Still too much snow!

still too much snow Originally uploaded by mikefranklin. Two weeks ago was the Feb 14 storm which dropped the most snow in a single day of any storm recorded in Vermont. Snow in my yard reached about 32″/81cm. Nights have … Continue reading

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aperture book tip – album pick

One of the many great things about Aperture (and the Lightroom 1.0, I hear) is the ability to make multiple versions from a single master image. Thus, it’s easy to have a square image and a monochrome image from one … Continue reading

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thanks Niels!

The owner of the blog who had used one of my flickr photos for a banner has removed it upon request. I’m glad he did, even though he had to endure what I guess was a bit of over enthusiasm … Continue reading

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photo theft

photo theft Originally uploaded by mikefranklin. the original: I was alerted to this blog which has used my macbook photo without permission. very annoying. And yahoo doesn’t go after copyright violations except on yahoo websites, it seems.

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My funny machine tags in flickr

People (ok, two so far) comment on my “funny machine tags” in flickr, such as “a:a=years” or “a:a=countries”. There is a good reason for them. My photo management app, Aperture, allows hierarchical keyword groupings, so I can group cities under … Continue reading

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book making update (minor)

Fresh from the success of … uploading … books via Aperture and blurb/Booksmart, I went looking for other possibilities to test. I looked at lulu, but that seemd to be more for manuscripts, though it appeared to be generally cheaper … Continue reading

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