book making update (minor)

Fresh from the success of … uploading … books via Aperture and blurb/Booksmart, I went looking for other possibilities to test.

I looked at lulu, but that seemd to be more for manuscripts, though it appeared to be generally cheaper (I didn’t actually calculate how much a book would cost). There was a photo book option (and a faq!) but it required the photos to be uploaded, and then I would have to use a web-app to set up the book, which I thought might be a bit awkward. I decided not to test this quite yet.

I found My Publisher which appeared to have more options than Aperture, but with the same cost structure. It was a desktop app – which is good – but only for windows – which is bad. There is an iPhoto plug in, but I use Aperture, so there’s no simple way to use My Publisher make a book: I could run it in parallels, or load my photos into iPhoto, but these don’t seem to be the best options, so I’ll not test this yet either.

I think I shall wait to receive my books before any more searching. If Apple and Blurb are of insufficient quality, I shall continue my search.

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3 Responses to book making update (minor)

  1. Alain Pilon says:

    Ordered my first book this week and should get it next week… I am curious, how did the blurb book compare to the one from Aperture? Because Blurb seems to be much cheaper.

  2. Mike Franklin says:

    Apple always always always provided a better product, and better customer support.

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