I love cars

after a 250mi/400km drive from vermont to boston last sunday, I started pulling into my parking space behind my apartment and the car nose-dived to the left.

the front left wheel had fallen off.

turns out the ball joint had failed, and taken the axle with it. After 202000 miles/325000 km, perhaps not surprising; the right one had been replaced about 32000 miles/51500km ago.

First tow-truck guy couldn’t quite manage, but after getting another parked car moved, the next guy, Sparky, was able to drag it into position and tow it to my mechanic, who had it fixed in just a few hours, at a relatively minor cost of $475 / £243 / €361 / 2905 NOK / 3340 SEK / 1987 NIS, split between parts and labor, and including an oil change 😉

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