photo theft

photo theft
Originally uploaded by mikefranklin.

the original:
macbook enjoys the Blue Lagoon

I was alerted to this blog which has used my macbook photo without permission.

very annoying. And yahoo doesn’t go after copyright violations except on yahoo websites, it seems.

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7 Responses to photo theft

  1. Samtherocker says:

    Quick! Let us embark on a spamming mission! I will be posting, “Don’t steal Mike Franklin’s images!” in the comments sections!

    Oooo, what a rebel! 😀

  2. andrew says:

    haha, Nathan wanted me to send porn to the person who stole one one of his images.

  3. A DMCA threat and/or an email informing him of your extremely well-paid lawyers should do the trick. Getting Yahooooooooooooooooooooooo involved won’t help the situation much. 😛 Nor will spamming 😀

  4. Nathan Makan says:

    Yep. I think this guy might need some cheap meds and viagra, and be willing to accept some money from my cousin; the King of the Ubzawbab Village of Jkauai, Nigeria. Most charming.

  5. Niels Bruin says:

    Wow, a whole blog post dedicated about me :). Well i’m getting tired of leaving my reaction everywhere, so you can find it here
    Thanks for all the unmature reactions 🙂

  6. Mike Franklin says:

    thanks for removing it, Niels. 🙂

  7. Andrew says:

    Everyone loves a cybermob!

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