aperture book tip – album pick

One of the many great things about Aperture (and the Lightroom 1.0, I hear) is the ability to make multiple versions from a single master image. Thus, it’s easy to have a square image and a monochrome image from one master image, and be able to edit them all, without having to copy files in the filesystem. As well, these can be kept in a stack for easy reference.

When I was making a book in Aperture (create book, then drag images into the book folder), I noticed at some point that some photos had an “album pick” badge. Somehow a new version had been created, stacked with the original, and been designated the pick, but only for that album. And that’s good, since the edits for the book were possibly different than my edits for flickr.

Aperture Help described how to manually select the album pick, but I was pretty certain there was an easier way (since I’d not done it manually). After not a whole lot of searching with google, I found bagelturf which had the answer:

Drag the photos into the book, select all and duplicate version. When versions are created in a book (or album, I think), Aperture makes that new version the “album pick.”

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