aperture/blurb book update

[2006/03/06 the apple book has arrived]

I ordered two books (same photos) from Apple and from Blurb. Both were uploaded last weekend.

Apple sent an email on Monday noting that the book had been shipped. It’s coming from Portland, Oregon, and due to arrive (via Fedex Ground) on Monday… so about a week total from ordering to arrival. Interestingly, when I sign into the Apple site, they can find no record of my order.

The Blurb book is still “printing” according the online status page.

I heard again that Lulu was worth looking into, so I may try yet another book this weekend. What fun.

unrelated #1: when using photomatix to produce HDRs, I get better results when I merge TIFFs (converted from RAWs in Aperture) then merging in photomatix, than when I import the RAWs into photomatix directly.

unrelated #2: snow storm on the way – 10-16 inches (25-40cm) expected, or half that depending on when I read the forecasts. Since the snowbanks along the roads are still around a 3’/1m high, a rather large road-grader came along today to push the snow further back from the roads (i.e. further into my yard), since there’s really no where else to put it. Other towns might use front-loaders and trucks to move the snow to another location (e.g. a baseball field).

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