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The desktop app (Booksmart) isn’t as good as Aperture, and the final result isn’t is well done as the book from Apple, in short.

My book from Blurb arrived pretty much on time, even though the website claimed it was still “printing.” It ships from Springfield, MA.

The cover is black, and seems not to be the same texture as the black linen used for the Apple book. The cover is bare, but there is a dust jacket, with a photo on the front, small ones on the inside flaps, and text along the spine.

The inside pages are white (vs. Apple textured grey ones). The pages seems slightly less substantial than those of the Apple book, and it’s more a matte finish than glossy.

I am decidedly unimpressed with the book from Blurb, for two reasons:

– the image quality isn’t good. There’s not enough contrast, and the images are not as sharp as they could be (or are with the Apple book)

– the layout doesn’t work well. Now, that could be because I was inadequately creative, but the blurb templates are not editable, so I had to use what was there. Even so, the borders around the images don’t line up across pages, as they do with the apple book, and images looks a lot better with boarders around them, rather then touching. It also seems that the proportions of the apple image boxes “just works,” while the ones with Blurb required changing the proportions of the image.

I’m sad to see that the image quality is low. I had hoped to use their 7 x 7″ (18cm) books with a very simple layout, since they were relatively cheap, but I think I’ll not try blurb again, at least until I hear that the image quality has improved.

I did find that has a desktop mac app to produce books (an upgrade from just an iPhoto plug-in), so I shall post a review of the production process tomorrow; the book should be arriving in 2 weeks.

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One Response to Blurb book review

  1. kristina says:


    Can you tell me what resolution/size photos you submitted for your book? I understand that the Apple printing and the Blurb printing use the same printer for its books so that the quality is the exact same, the linen is also used on the Blurb books (hardcover) it’s just white and not black…

    I am trying to decide which place to use. I guess I could always test, like what you’ve done?

    Thanks a lot for your help!

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