Aperture crashes when relocating masters

I’ve been trying to consolidate and clean up my many images (starting from 1988), and am moving referenced images to another folder, to clean up but also see if I’ve left any behind.

For scanned images, I had separate folders with the type of film used (for later tagging), but since that’s now all in Aperture, I decided it was neater just to have them all in one folder. These are all referenced by Aperture, and not contained in the Aperture library.

When I tried relocating masters to a new folder (using the existing master names), Aperture crashed without warning. I started relocating masters one by one (rather than the entire project at once) to find the problem image. It turned out to be a simple problem: trying to move a master into a folder where that filename already existed.

A warning would have been nice. The simple solution was to relocate masters adding an index (or counter or anything unique). And now it’s all fine.

it just works … when used properly. 😉

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