MyPublisher Review

I’d received a book from (flickr set), and was disappointed in the quality. I’d also noticed a few ink blemishes, so I contacted customer service.

They immediately provided a coupon for a new book + shipping, which was great. When I inquired about the differences in quality, they recommended using 180dpi 5MP images (rather than 72 dpi full size jpegs from a 10MP camear), so I re-exported the images as directed, and ordered a small softcover (since I’m a bit tired of testing with US $30 hardcovers).

The softcover was a nice size as a memento, but I could not discern a huge improvement in quality (and no pictures for comparison, quite yet), so I think I shall just give up with MyPublisher: the quality is inadequate.

I resent my book to Blurb as well, with the 180dpi 5MP images and will see how that turns out.

I found that Apple claims to print at 300dpi, and that Kodak prints their books with “strict quality control” according to the employee at the local Apple Store who was supposed to know these things.

My problem remains that I prefer Aperture to generate the book, but don’t like the size limitations or the costs imposted by Apple. I found Viovio which will print from an uploaded PDF for quite a bit less than Apple. Their information wiki is a bit inconsistent: one page claims no page minumum; another claims 24, but if I can just upload a PDF output by Aperture and get excellent quality, then my book printing problems are solved.

Odds are 50-50, I think, but I should find out next week.

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3 Responses to MyPublisher Review

  1. bjhb44 says:

    I would like to export a book created in aperture to print with viovio.

    Problem: When I convert the book into pdf or jpgs in order to send to viovio, the edges of the pages are lost and a white margin is introduced. The image appears to be 150dpi and I want 300dpi.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Many thanks in anticipation.

  2. me says:

    How did you find blurb? I was disappointed with blurb. I tried the hardcover print (picture printered on the hardcover) and was the qaulity was awful. I tried a small softcover and that was much better, but some of the colours in the photos arn’t right.

    I found mypublisher to be excellent. The colours and qualiy and sharpness is amazing compared to Blurb. I used 300 or 230 dpi on all images. There was nothing wrong with the quality of the pictures, no ink marks. it was perfect…….

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