Apple book problem and resolution

picked-off black goop
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I’ve successfully had two Apple books printed via Aperture. Easy, convenient, and they turned out perfectly.

The third book has black residue (dried ink, perhaps?) on two of the pages. Here, I’ve picked it off to see what was underneath: just the paper.

This morning at 7:30am, I wrote a brief note to Apple Support:

Two pages have 1/2″ wide, vertical lines of black deposits which can be scraped off to show white paper underneath, rather then the color of the image.
I have photos I’d be happy to send.

and received an auto-reply stating that Apple will “send you a personal response soon (generally within 24 hours).”

When I returned from a meeting at 10:30am, I had the reply (just the auto-replies from other companies have taken longer) with the resolution:

I’m very sorry that your book contains 1/2″ wide vertical lines running through some of the images. I am committed to resolving this issue for you, and so you will receive a full refund as well as recommendations for successfully re-ordering your book:

I have issued a full refund in the amount of $56.11. This credit should be sent to your credit card within the next 3-5 business days.

I have also examined the PDF file submitted with your order and have confirmed it does not contain the issue you reported. I can process a new order using this PDF file, but I need your consent. Please note that you will be charged for this new order. If you wish to receive a new copy of your book, please let us know by replying to this email.

Again, please accept my apologies for any inconvenience, and thank you for your patience.

So … sounds a bit like a template but regardless, they refunded the cost without requesting photos, and then left it to me to decide if I really wanted to try again.

best. service. ever.

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6 Responses to Apple book problem and resolution

  1. Melisa says:

    Hi! I stumbled onto your blog because I’m looking for some help with photobooks made with Aperture. When I print to a pdf in Aperture, the pdf includes a previous unseen border around the page, cutting off some of my photos. Is this how the Aperture book will actually print from Apply (with either a border or cropping my photos on the edge of the page)? Thanks!

  2. Melisa says:

    Hi Mike,

    I came upon your site while searching for help with Aperture photobooks. When I print my Aperture photobook to my printer or pdf to check the images, there’s a white border around the page that cuts off some of my layout. Do the Aperture books print exactly how they are on the computer screen or does Apple cut off the edge of the layout?


  3. Mike Franklin says:

    I think the books are trimmed about .25″ after printing, so that may be the border you see.

    I’ve printed three books with Aperture, and they’ve all been great – one with white background, two with black. There have been no unexpected borders

    If you do have problem with printed book, just email apple support ( then click on ‘return defective order’, and they’ll likely refund your money pretty much immediately.

  4. Darcy says:

    So which is your best publisher so far? Have you tried Shutterfly or Kodak Gallery?

    I’m very curious because I have a web site that promotes the idea of making photo books, I just love them! I have made several books with many different publishers. On my web site I try to provide information that I have learned so far. My web site is I’m not a professional, just a hobbiest.


  5. Mike Franklin says:

    so far Apple has absolutely the best software, book printing and customer service, without a doubt. Book sizes are limited (landscape, hard- or soft- cover), and prices can be a bit expensive (but well worth it). Apple is always my first choice for a hardcover landscape book, regardless of price.

    Viovio comes a close second for printing and customer service; I upoad PDFs, so haven’t looked a their software. Their prices are quite good, as are there size selections. Viovio is my choice for anything other than a hardcover landscape (partly since they don’t have one).

    Blurb and Mypublisher have acceptable software, but nothing great. Prices at blurb are great; my publisher is about the same as apple… though both have a better selection of sizes and covers. Quality of both is below acceptable (compared to apple and viovio); customer service at my publisher is reasonable; at blurb they are unresponsive and unhelpful.

    I just tried Picaboo, even though I have a mac. it is without a doubt the worst software I’ve used. it tries to do too much and offer too many options, but also manages to squeeze in all of the bad features of the other apps I’ve used.

  6. Rich says:

    Hi Mike
    In reading some of the posts at B***b I see that their binding is hit and miss–their users frequently complain about pages falling out of books. The main reason seems to be the length (over 40 pages) and size (8×10″) along with “perfect binding” and glue used. Apparently the majority of their books are not sewn unless someone complains. How do the Apple books or Shutterfly fare in comparison?

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