Panorama software for OS X

Lake elmore
Originally uploaded by mikefranklin.

A friend of mine, Lars Ivar was hunting for some decent panorama software, and found Double Take.

It’s does a pretty amazing job of merging photos, even considering different angles and sizes of the images… and gives quite a bit of manual control over alignment and photo adjustments (exposure, etc), as explained in the one page user guide.

Stitching HDR images is a bit of a challenge sometimes, and I’ve not quite worked out all details, but it’s well worth the $21.95/€16.95 price.

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2 Responses to Panorama software for OS X

  1. Andrew says:

    Great find and an awesome piece of software, downloading now 😀

    Plus the price in £ is even less thanks to the super exchange rate!

  2. Lars Ivar says:

    hehe.. you wrote about it first!! arghh.. I was planning on writing after this weekend. A great piece of software indeed! Worth buying this instant!

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