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Review of MPIX book-making app.

A reader asked if I’d tried MPIX. I hadn’t, so I thought I’d make book #11 or 12 or whatever. Summary: The application is OK – similar to others but with slightly different benefits and problems. It does allow free-form … Continue reading

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improving webcam picture quality

strobist is a great blog by a professional photographer for off-body camera lighting of all types. In this post he tackles how to improve your webcam image. All pretty easy, and only the last suggestion costs money. He also linked … Continue reading

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Restoring macbook after drive failure

As I noted in my previous post, my macbook hard drive failed while I was flying from Oslo to Reykjavík on the way back to Boston. I’d done a complete backup of the macbook before I left. Generally, there are … Continue reading

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Ålesund, Oslo, Reykjavík, Boston, Cambridge Apple store

what an amazing place Originally uploaded by mikefranklin. The airport slowly filled as the time for the Oslo flight approached. Perhaps not oddly, announcements were only in Norwegian. Our flight was late; we boarded in the polite crush of humanity … Continue reading

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Valldal to Ålesund

Ålesund Originally uploaded by mikefranklin. Finally left for Ålesund sometime in mid-afternoon after a pleasantly bland morning. Time to say good bye to the sun-kissed, snow-capped mountains descending precipitously into cold and deep fjords, as we headed along some windy … Continue reading

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valldal day 3

view Originally uploaded by mikefranklin. Last full day in Valldal, then off to Ålesund on Sunday so I can head back to Boston on Monday. After yet another pleasantly lazy start, we drove to Chez Henriksen in the hills of … Continue reading

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valldal day 2

on the ferry heading back Originally uploaded by mikefranklin. Karl Otto improved his breakfast-making skills – this time only preparing enough for 4 people, rather than 8 as was the case yesterday (there are still just two of us). I … Continue reading

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