Customer support: apple, viovio

apple book reprint flaw
Originally uploaded by mikefranklin.

A reprint of a defective apple book itself had a defect: dried blue ink on one page.

I emailed Apple Support at 9am this morning and at 9:49am I had a refund, plus the option of reprinting (and being recharged, of course).

Late last week I received a reprint of a viovio book, which had been differently processed that the first. It was better — not quite as dark, and the colors were generally better. While it wasn’t quite as good as the color tones from Apple, it’s a close second, and the service I’ll be using when I want options other than Apple’s one-size, hardcover landscape book.

Apple may be quick on the refund, but Viovio support wins on being personable. They’re pleasant, cheerful, and happily willing to help. I’ve uploaded another PDF, and they’re apparently going to try several cmyk and rasterizations processes to find out which produces the best result. Very impressive

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3 Responses to Customer support: apple, viovio

  1. Viovio says:

    Hi Mike!
    We are glad that you had a great experience with our Customer Service here at Viovio. Viovio’s goal is always to produce on-demand products of exceptional quality with record speed without ever compromising quality, CUSTOMER SERVICE or price.
    Mike, we also have new “minibook” sizes that you should check out: 7×5, 5.25×3.5, and 3.75×2.5.

  2. JOSH says:

    Enjoy this site! Question: In terms of quality, have you found a photobook company that you entirely recommend? Or maybe the industry needs some more months or years to perfect? The dpi issues you pointed out were quite interesting and telling w regard to this business…

  3. Melly says:

    I read a review of SharedInk and wondered if you’ve tried them. Their prices are quite high but I suppose could be worth it.

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