departure: boston logan airport

This is not a føtøb00k review. Every now and then I feel compelled to pack up the camera and lenses and head off on vacation. This time is a bit more than a week, with a few days in Paris then about a week in Norway.

After the mess that was the big dig getting to the airport in Boston from my apartment in Cambridge turned into a 15 minute ride through a series of tunnels: quick and relatively traffic-free even in rush hour.

And since I arrived at 6:30 for my 9:30pm flight … I had no wait to get my boarding pass, and be moved up a few rows on both flights to lucky row #13.

I had a longer wait to get through security: there were three people ahead of me. It’s such fun these days: shoes come off, laptops come out, jackets get tossed around, liquids are removed and bagged. And then it’s all got to be put back together on the other side of the xray, with no decent place to get reorganized.

My Lowepro CompuTrekker Plus spent a few minutes more in the X-Ray, but made it through without any additional searches.

6:45pm: time to get a bite to eat, and deal with loganwifi, for which I normally have paid $8 “for a whole day of access!” even though no one in their right mind would be here for more than a couple of hours.

Much to my surprise, my mac found “Belkin 54 G logan free wifi” so I’m happily surfing, IMing and posting for free, for a pleasant change. I have no idea who provides it, but I’m eternally grateful .. or at least until I board at 8:50.

Next stop, Keflavík, Iceland.

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One Response to departure: boston logan airport

  1. andrew says:

    have a nice trip, mister mikee! 🙂

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