Tromsø to Valldal

café by the fjord
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Tromsø to Valldal

Uneventful start to the last morning north of the arctic circle. Thankfully, Lars Ivar had given me the bus info to get back to the airport,
but as always I tried to verify at the hotel desk. They suggested a different location than Lars Ivar did, so when I asked the receptionist checked online and
found she had indeed given me the wrong location.

So, off I went to the proper bus stop, got on the bus, got off at the airport, got my boarding pass, went through security, waited for my flight, got on,
flew to oslo, waited for the next flight, got on and not long afterwards landed in Ålesund. Yep, pretty boring.

Karl Otto had said he’d be ten minutes late, and indeed, arrived as indicated. Got the the luggage, and off we went to Valldal about 90 minutes inland. He’d said
it had snowed a bit on the way in, but we had just a bit of rain. We stopped at a grocery store in a mall for food, and continued on some rather narrow windy roads.

The scenery was rather stunning – I’ve never seen anything quite like the fjords here. And then we arrived in the small town of Valldal, population of about 1000.
He has a nice little apartment, and best part: free ADSL which only two people to share, which is … ace.

After a traditional dinner of boiled cod, boiled potatoes and boiled carrots with a egg/butter sauce, we wandered around Valldal a bit. It’s a small town where a lot
of people come for the weekends in the summer, starting in about a month. The town is at water level, but there are steep mountains all around, most of which still have
some snow on top, though it’ll all melt sometime during the summer. It’s been up to the low 20s C but is not in the mid-single digits, so it’s fairly cold.

It’s been fun to chat both with Lars Ivar and Karl Otto – as well as normal friendly conversation, I’m getting a bit of history of Norway which I’d miss by just visiting
on my own.

Up this morning to a breakfast of orange juice, coffee, bread, and oatmeal, and soon to be off to parts unknown …

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