valldal day 2

on the ferry heading back
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Karl Otto improved his breakfast-making skills – this time only preparing enough for 4 people, rather than 8 as was the case yesterday (there are still just two of us).

I have a bit of a cold, and we weren’t in any rush; I think we finally got out of his apartment around 2pm to head to the ferry on the wait to Geiranger, a place where all of the cruise ships stop: it’s at the end of a fjord by the same name. With one deck and four lanes, the ferry was smaller than the ones I take from Anacortes, Washington to to San Juan Island where some college friends now in Seattle have a house. But it was larger than the barge, I guess it was, I took in Germany to get across a river.

The drive was relatively uneventful though some bucolic farmlands reeking of a recent application of liquified cow manure. We ascended through some hills through some switchbacks and passed through some very minor flurries of snow, before getting to the top of one of the mountains adjacent to Beiranger. The descent was again a set of tight switch-backs, on a road which got narrower midway down (from 2+ lanes to a bit less). Stopped at a lookout spot to take a bunch of photos, at the last bend in the fjord. Interestingly, it was a great view on the left, and on the right, but we both agreed that straight-on was pretty boring, relatively speaking. we’re both taken some fisheye shots, but they weren’t so nice.

Once in Geiranger, we went in search of lunch (it was about 3pm), which was a bit difficult as it’s still pre-tourist season. We avoid one place which had normal-sounding (i.e. non-norwegian) food, then found a nice little cafe where we had a fairly traditional meal of cured meat, with cold scrambled eggs, salads and warm bread. Quite tasty, though I agree that cured sheep meat can be a bit of an acquired taste.

From there we wandered around a bit, but found that it was more interesting to come into Geiranger than it was to actually be there, though I think I got some interesting shots of a ferry coming ’round the bend in the fjord. From there it was up and over , along a steep and winding road on which Karl Otto had run a 1/2 marathon. It seemed tough enough in a car; I could not imagine running up the road.

We weren’t able to get all the way up to wherever we were going, but we did stop by a farm in a brown valley which wasn’t so interesting, and took pictures. Back down to Geiranger, stopping by another farm against a backdrop of water, mountains and sky… and the smell of recently sprayed cow manure. Back to the ferry, across, then back to Valldal where Karl Otto prepared yet another traditional meal, at least in the sense of tired, hungry people do quickly: pasta.

Today is brilliantly sunny, and we’re off to lunch with Mum and Dad, then to somewhere else with a great view …

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