valldal day 3

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Last full day in Valldal, then off to Ålesund on Sunday so I can head back to Boston on Monday.

After yet another pleasantly lazy start, we drove to Chez Henriksen in the hills of Fjørå, where they’ve got a rather stunning view of the fjord, with only minor interference of some annoying trees and one streetlight.

Had a pleasant conversation amongst lots of flower, bug and fjord-shooting, from American politics to Norwegian history to French cheeses. Lunch was a spectacular assortment of meats, fish and vegetables (and some cheese which I missed), and dessert was out in the sun, overlooking the fjord. Quite a pleasant way to end my visit to this area.

From there Karl Otto and I headed to the local peak to take a few more shots, uninterrupted by trees, then with his mother went via car and foot to Syltefjellet just atop the mountain behind Karl Otto’s apartment, from which we could see all of Valldal, as well as the ferry we’d taken a day earlier, across the fjord to Eidsdal.

Back to Fjørå to drop off his mother, then down to Valldal to get food for dinner. Unsurprisingly, we ran into a bunch of people Karl Otto knew, including one fellow just back from serving in Afghanistan as part of the Norwegian contingent of the International Security Assistance Force. He assured me that sufficient quantities oh whisky would “take care of” my cold, but I though that might not such a good idea. Regardless he came over for a small barbecue later that evening.

Dinner was a slightly non-Norwegian grilled selection of marinated chicken and vegetables; then the army guy left and another fellow came over to buy a flash from me. And then he left after a bit of instruction and realization that he needed a macro and a 50mm f/1.8… And then another fellow came over, at which point it was time for me to go to bed, stuffy nose and all.

Sunday arrived a bit earlier than I would have liked, but it’s sunny and warming up. Breakfast has been creeping later by 30 minutes each morning … today it was at 10. Heading to Ålesund later in the day, sometime…

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