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day 2, heading to Friday Harbor

waiting in line Originally uploaded by mikefranklin Friday morning arrived much too early, after a too-short night of sleep. John had gone off to the gym, so I attempted to find breakfast. Coffee wasn’t a problem: I bring my own … Continue reading

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a hard day’s night

I normally spend the week of the fourth of July with friends at their home on San Juan Island in Washington. Times for flights seem to have become increasingly worse, while the fares have gone up quite a bit. There … Continue reading

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search terms

People find this this blog with the strangest searches… (I walk)

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Another trip to the genius bar at the Apple store

Last Thursday I opened my macbook at work and noticed that part of the top case was splintering off , parallel to the front just above IR sensor. I was heading up to Vermont that afternoon, so decided I could … Continue reading

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Ongoing backup solution #2

hard drive Originally uploaded by mikefranklin I thought I was doing pretty well with a RAID NAS. My iMac backs up every night when I’m in Vermont, and my macbook every week or so, and always before vacations. Problem is … Continue reading

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D80 blinking CHA/CHR error

Friday night, after using a card reader to upload a bunch of bugs photos to my imac, I inserted my SD card into my d80, turned it on, and was faced with a blinking CHA (or CHR) on the LCD. … Continue reading

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MPIX photobook review

the killer: binding by stapes Originally uploaded by mikefranklin Mpix was the fastest to process the book. I uploaded over the weekend; they shipped on Monday via the US postal service, and I received the book on Thursday. Photos of … Continue reading

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