MPIX photobook review

Mpix was the fastest to process the book. I uploaded over the weekend; they shipped on Monday via the US postal service, and I received the book on Thursday.

Photos of the book compared to the Apple book are in this flickr set.

Generally, I was not impressed with the quality, though it didn’t have any glaringly awful problems affecting all of the photos. Photos looked a bit washed out, with blacks not being very deep, and darker photos with more contrast seem to have been lightened with the contrast reduced. I’m not sure if this is a simple conversion issue or whether Mpix decided to try to make my images look “better.”

The biggest issue was the “binding” – the pages were just stapled, not bound. I presume the hardcover book is not stapled, but given the image quality, I’m not really interested in trying that out.

One of my colleagues chuckled and said that I should try the office color printer: he thought it would yield better results. Another said that it was an “ok” book – one that a grandmother would certainly appreciate receiving of the grandkids, for example.

So, another publishing company not to use. I’ll stick with Apple for the best overall experience and the highest quality output — and the fewest printing options at a high (but not the highest) price, and with Viovio for nearly-as-good output, excellent service, and printing options which are cheaper and more numerous.

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2 Responses to MPIX photobook review

  1. Cc says:

    thank you for all your photobook reviews. i was going to use mpix for my first photobook but i’ve changed my mind after reading your blog. i want to go for the best quality, which is Apple. but Aperture only offers 30-day free trial. so i guess i will try out Viovio first. 😉

  2. Dennis Zabel says:

    I tried setting up a book with Mpix and found that I couldn’t put anything on the cover. I found most of the software a little clunky. Writing text was especially difficult since the text box wouldn’t expand. After reading your review and the fact that I can’t get anything on the cover tells me to look elsewhere for book software and service.

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