Ongoing backup solution #2

hard drive
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I thought I was doing pretty well with a RAID NAS. My iMac backs up every night when I’m in Vermont, and my macbook every week or so, and always before vacations.

Problem is that my macbook drive failed as I was returning from vacation, and I lost 15GB of photos (though the better ones had been uploaded to flickr). Apple replaced the hard drive, and my restore from backup was successful … but I had no way to recover the photos.

To guard against that situation in the future, I just purchased this firewire 400 drive for nightly backups of my macbook, whereever I am. I’m currently using SuperDuper! which is pretty speedy and makes the drive bootable.

Thus, in the unlikely event of my new internal drive failing, I’ll be able to boot from the firewire drive, and continue working (or taking photos), until I can get to Apple to get it replaced.

Now, my backup plans work up to but not including loss of my NAS (whether by theft or destruction). I suppose to preclude those from happening, I should purchase another NAS to leave in a remote location and have them sync over the internet … Maybe next year.

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