day 4. hello, goodbye and more food

helping dad
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Sunday was fairly uneventful, discounting a small horde of kids running around underfoot.

I was up at 6, and enjoyed a blissfully peaceful hour alone before the little ones wandered out of their bedroom.

Gotta love vacations — I’m not actually sure where the time went until noon or so, but I think it was some mix of IMing, chatting with friends in person, menu-making, and various kids climbing over me.

Steve, Cherene and their two kids arrived sometime in the morning, so it even louder for a bit. With the arrival of Steve came another D80 (John as one as well), with an 18-200 VR lens, and an sb800 flash. He kindly brought me a gift of a do-it-yourself flash bouncer – velcro + a thin flexible white foam sheet. And I let him play with my lenses, at least as long as he was within eyesight.

Lunch was pretty random (= unprepared); the kids played, we talked cameras and photography and computers, and their intersection at Photosynth

Sandee, Michael and their daughter left, and suddenly it was 4pm … time to start thinking about making dinner. A quick check of the recipes suggested I wasn’t going to be able to get 9 hours of marinating for beef, so that was postponed. So, with help from John, Ian and Steve, we managed to get dinner done by 8:

Semolina-flour bread which Annette had made earlier in the day, with hummus and muhammara (Syrian spread of roasted red peppers, pomegranate molasses and other spices), followed by freshly made fettuccine (thanks to John and Ian) with a cream-pesto sauce Steve and Cherene had brought, followed by steamed vegetables, salad with a raspberry vinaigrette, and a selection of cheeses. Dessert was cornmeal cookies and freshly-made cream gelato with a warm cherry sauce. Quite good.

Then it was time for the kids to go to bed; yay! Afterwards, the others attacked the immense pile of dishes (hey, my responsibility ends after dessert is served 😉 ), we chatted for a bit, and I went to bed … ready more of the same on monday.

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