day 6: life’s a beach

ready for adventure
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Tuesday is it? More of the same – good food, good friends, great weather. oh, and screaming children.

Another lazy morning, fading into a lunch of leftovers after the kids were taken down to the beach at low tide to check out the tidal pools.

At some point, I realized that we all had video cameras, so I pointed out out that we could video chat. Steve and John had MSN, of course and so I installed Mercury, a not so great MSN client with video for the Mac. If failed to work, as they were using some newer version of MSN video which Mercury didn’t support. I convinced John to try skype, which eventually downloaded after we rebooted the toaster. He grumbled through all the installation screens, hoped he didn’t have to publish the contents of his PC due to some obscure GPL requirement, and then we had a video chat from across the table 🙂 he chuckled that he’d tried to establish video chats using MSN with his in-laws, but had always failed. “Why is it, ” he asked, “do microsoft products suck so much?”

I opened photobooth – which no one had seen – and the kids (and adults) had a great time with that. Daddy never looked so funny…

After lunch, we all headed down to the beach for some short-duration kayak trips for the kids, which were fun to watch. Steve’s gift of a reflector for my flash was quite helpful for producing better-lit photos. Really quite a lot of fun.

Back at the the house, the kids were mostly fed. I consumed a piece of pizza destined for one of the little ones, but she managed to find some other source of food. And then it was again time to to start preparing for dinner, which was fairly straightforward: bread from the day before with the usual spreads. Cherene made scallion biscuits and with Annette’s help the chicken with sticky sesame sauce; Steve made yellow-pepper soup from several incorrect recipes (which I eventually corrected, once I realized), and I prepared the pomegranate-glazed carrots. And we finished with a strawberry gelato I’d made earlier, from slightly overripe strawberries.

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