day 3: london


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Sunday was much less complicated, as we were just meeting Andrew. Danny and Eva left by scooter to stop at some shoe shop to get Eva’s wedding shoes; I left around 12:30 on my own to meet Andrew in Trafalgar Square.

The sun had come out by the time I arrived, and the place was thick with pigeons and tourists. Andrew and I found each other easily enough, and we took a few pictures while waiting for the other two to arrive.

Danny called to say they were running a bit late, having stopped a some other shoe shop, so we wandered up to an EAT on Regent Street not far from Piccadilly Circus. The employee suggested the chocolate cookie over the chocolate brownie, and I must say, I was not disappointed.

We met up with Danny and Eva easily enough (after a phone call consisting most of “is that you waving? no … look to the right” etc.), and then walked down Regent Street. We went past the Apple store to stop at a Starbucks on a side street for a caffeine fix.

Andrew played with Danny’s new 135mm f/2.0, and I tried his “unlimited” internet SIM in my iPhone. I wasn’t able to get any internet, but the iPhone did manage to muck with the settings on his SIM, but I guess he’s gotten it back to the normal state.

Back to the Apple store, we wandered around a bit, watching the security guards and other staff watch customers taking photos and video, without comment. There have been reports of staff giving photo-taking customers a hard time — but we didn’t see any of that here.

Outside, we decided to head to Greenwich via the DLR — Dockland’s Light Rail — a driverless train which nonetheless had non-driving staff. We walked up to the observatory at the top of this hill. It was closed, but there was a great view of London off in the distance.

Down from the hill, we stopped at GBK (Gourmet Burger Kitchen) for a bite to eat, then headed back to our respective abodes so the non-vacationing group could get to sleep for work the next day.

Monday dawned grey and cloudy; hopefully it’ll be turn a bit sunnier as it has the past two days…

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