day 4: london

it rotates!

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Monday was a bit grayer and wetter than the weekend. I finally dragged myself out out of the flat around 12:00, to meet Andrew for lunch around 1:30 in Piccadilly Circus.

Stopped by a Starbucks for a chocolate croissant and latte, and sat next to a Swede who seemed to be on the verge of buying display space for her jewelry products in London, Germany and Sweden, all from a comfy chair.

Got to Piccadilly a bit early, wandered around in the grayness and then met up with Andrew to see his office. The office was pretty small – it fit 5 people and their desks, barely. And of course, they all wanted to see an iPhone demo … and afterwards all wanted to buy it when it comes to the UK.

One attempted to show me his snazzy Nokia N95, but it crashed after about 30 seconds, and he had to reboot it by removing the battery. Ah, technology is grand. Oh, and the battery only lasts 1/2 a day or so.

Then it was off to Wagamama for lunch where the waitress had been hoping for a quick order from me and looked a bit perturbed when I asked a few questions, looking for suggestions. But the meal was good, whatever it was.

Andrew wandered back to work, I just wandered. Went to a starbucks for another latte, and then decided I’d see if Nathan wanted me to get a pair of drumsticks at Hard Rock Cafe since he’d been unable to get them on Saturday.

It was quite the quest. No one seemed to know where it was, but people were utterly certain it was vaguely in the direction from which I’d just come. In the National Portrait Gallery, one woman tried to tell me where the Planet Hollywood was, while her colleague told her that “the gentleman is referring to a different location.”

Finally, I just spoke with Andrew who gave me the address — near Hyde Park Corner — so I wandered down there, got the drumsticks and a t-shirt, and wandered back to Piccadilly Circus, after another (non-caffeine) visit to Starbucks.

Met up with Andrew again, gave another demo of the iPhone, then met Ryan, and it was off to Nando’s for a chicken dinner, where Andrew kindly demo’d my iPhone for Ryan. They were quite fun to watch – a pair of bantering geeks. I appreciated all of it — and understood most of it despite Ryan’s northern accent.

Back to the flat, the flatmates were packing up to head to Spain for a few days, Morocco for a couple of weeks, and then back to London briefly before heading back to New Zealand. Then off to sleep, and woken up a bit as they were preparing to head off at 4am for a cheap flight …

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2 Responses to day 4: london

  1. Charlie Styr says:

    Sounds like a dodgy N95 to me, he should get it checked 😉

    Charlie –

  2. Charlie Styr says:

    For some reason, the winking smiley face emphasises sarcasm with far more efficiency when it’s ‘raw’ if you know what I mean : -)

    The comment was meant to be sarcastic 😛

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