day 5 london


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Tuesday dawned grey and a bit damp, but I’m getting used to it.

The temporary flatmates left at 4 in the morning to head to the airport for Spain, and I didn’t really get back to sleep. Danny and Eva left, and just after I’d finished uploading – and just before I was going to take a nap, the permanent flatmates returned from their 6-week jaunt across Europe, most recently from Oktoberfest.

Quite the voluble couple, they were as well an energetic whirlwind of cleaning up and putting away, and then making breakfast. “Do you want some? Don’t be shy!” hey, who can resist a second breakfast?

After that I was ready for a nap – I think I’ve not quite been getting enough sleep (yep, Mike the party animal) and may have a touch of a cold, perhaps from my lovely seatmate on the flight over. Feeling better I headed off — once again — to Piccadilly Circus to meet Andrew.

I texted him, but as we found out later, he didn’t receive it for over an hour. I waited a bit, then had lunch at EAT, texted again, didn’t get an answer, then wandered over to his office. After calling one of Andrew’s colleagues, the security guy let me upstairs, where I met Andrew just as my previous two texts were showing on his phone.

He was busy at that point, so I wandered off towards the Thames, in a light rain mist. I decided it was time to head toward Sloane Square so I could meet Danny and Eva for a movie. I was texting with a friend who chuckled that it would be easier if I had gps on the phone. I said it was easier just to text: “what’s the nearest tube station?” He told me, and off I went. I’d earlier run into some other Americans who were not so fortunate – not only did they have no one to text, they also had no map.

Sloane Square turned out to be just two stops from where I was, so I had ample time for a decent meal at a french cafe in the square. Duck confit with a nice Rioja Crianza, with a cup of tea to end the meal. The maitre d’ recognized the iPhone on the table, and asked if I’d gotten it in the States, since he knew it wasn’t out yet in the UK. I gave him a brief demo, though I’m not sure I made another sale 😉

I walked up Kings Road to the Cineworld movie theater to watch Kenny, a satirical documentary about a slightly dysfunctional aussie “plumber” in the business of corporate toilet rentals. £9/$18 seemed bit steep, but it was fun. Eva arrived just after the preview started; Danny arrived just as the movie was starting, and two friends of theirs arrived just a few moments later.

After about 10 minutes of, er, toilet humour, one couple left, leaving the five of us and two other people in the theater. Or maybe three. Overall — it was pretty funny in a bizarre sort of way, with a bit of poignancy thrown in for good measure.

After that, Danny rode his scooter back to the flat, while Eva and I took a bus — my first double decker bus ride. I prepared for departure the next day, then went bed, dreaming sweet dreams of dreary gray skies…

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