day 7 manchester

vanishing point
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Manchester turned out to be bright and sunny for my first full day there. I wandered into the Apple Store in the Arndale Mall and missed Stuart – the enthusiastic master of ceremonies for the Opening Day’s events of the previous year. But I did find Dom, the genius who had replaced the top case of my macbook.

He didn’t remember my name, but I was surprised that he did remember the various problems my macbook had. He provided some suggestions on where to go to eat, drink, and wander, which I promptly forgot by the time I left the store.

I probably ate at EAT, being a creature of habit, and then had a latte at the adjacent Starbucks. And then I wandered up to Albert Square which had regrettably been taken over by “fashion week” tents, and really messed up dreary, overbearing presence of the city hall.

Mid afternoon I met up with Nathan, and we wandered about before heading to back to Starbucks to meet Nik, and from there we once again went to the Apple Store to check out the iPod Touches.

From there, Nathan went home, and Nik and I parted company before regrouping to eat at some fine Italian restaurant near St. Peter’s Square. ‘Twas an enjoyable finish to a pleasant day of wandering around.

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4 Responses to day 7 manchester

  1. Mike Franklin says:

    oh, he was there all right — I have photos from last year to prove it!

  2. Susan says:

    I think Stuart is a figment of Nik’s imagination – he wasn’t there when *I* visited EITHER!


  3. Nathan Makan says:

    Mike, it’s *Albert” Square. Not Alfred 😛

  4. Mike Franklin says:

    thanks nathan. all set. and the photos are retagged as well.

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