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Apple Books – great customer service

Exceptional customer service really sets Apple apart from any other book printing services I’ve used so far. And while they may not get things sorted out the first time, they always have on the second. One book I had printed … Continue reading

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Another trip to the genius bar at the Apple store

Last Thursday I opened my macbook at work and noticed that part of the top case was splintering off , parallel to the front just above IR sensor. I was heading up to Vermont that afternoon, so decided I could … Continue reading

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Ongoing backup solution #2

hard drive Originally uploaded by mikefranklin I thought I was doing pretty well with a RAID NAS. My iMac backs up every night when I’m in Vermont, and my macbook every week or so, and always before vacations. Problem is … Continue reading

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MPIX photobook review

the killer: binding by stapes Originally uploaded by mikefranklin Mpix was the fastest to process the book. I uploaded over the weekend; they shipped on Monday via the US postal service, and I received the book on Thursday. Photos of … Continue reading

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Restoring macbook after drive failure

As I noted in my previous post, my macbook hard drive failed while I was flying from Oslo to Reykjavík on the way back to Boston. I’d done a complete backup of the macbook before I left. Generally, there are … Continue reading

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Customer support: apple, viovio

apple book reprint flaw Originally uploaded by mikefranklin. A reprint of a defective apple book itself had a defect: dried blue ink on one page. I emailed Apple Support at 9am this morning and at 9:49am I had a refund, … Continue reading

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blurb – (lack of) support

I’ve given up on trying to get a decent book from Blurb; their customer support is unresponsive, so I am left with a book which has posterized images, and is unacceptable. 04-04-2007 emailed blurb about posterization including a link to … Continue reading

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Panorama software for OS X

Lake elmore Originally uploaded by mikefranklin. A friend of mine, Lars Ivar was hunting for some decent panorama software, and found Double Take. It’s does a pretty amazing job of merging photos, even considering different angles and sizes of the … Continue reading

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Apple book problem and resolution

picked-off black goop Originally uploaded by mikefranklin. I’ve successfully had two Apple books printed via Aperture. Easy, convenient, and they turned out perfectly. The third book has black residue (dried ink, perhaps?) on two of the pages. Here, I’ve picked … Continue reading

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technical support – blurb, viovio, soon apple

Thanks to Bagelturf for mentioning me on his blog; my reviews have temporarily become popular. 🙂 After printing books and seeing problems comes dealing with technical support. What fun. Blurb I emailed Blurb about posterization on april 5, 2007, indicating … Continue reading

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