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Lowepro CompuTrekker Plus AW

CompuTrekker Plus AW Originally uploaded by mikefranklin. I finally had too many lenses for my nearly year-old Timbuk2 bag I’d originally purchased for carrying my macbook, and thus went hunting for a better bag. I liked the Timbuk2 shoulder bag … Continue reading

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Apple photobook

two page spread Originally uploaded by mikefranklin. I’ve uploaded to flickr some photos of my just-received hot-of-the-presses/frozen-in-transit photobook produced by Apple via Apple Aperture. Overall I’m impressed, though I’m not sure these photos do the book justice!

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Apple photo book – first impression

I ordered a photo book from Apple, via Aperture. I uploaded it last weekend; it shipped the Monday immediately afterwards, and arrived in Vermont the following Monday (shipped “regular” via fedex ground). Photos will follow, but here’s a preview: I … Continue reading

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thanks Niels!

The owner of the blog who had used one of my flickr photos for a banner has removed it upon request. I’m glad he did, even though he had to endure what I guess was a bit of over enthusiasm … Continue reading

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Using’s Booksmart to make a photo book

I just sent off my Apple/Aperture book, so decided to make the same book (more or less) with blurb. I exported the photos in my Aperture book (browser: show unplaced photos. select all. show all photos. invert selection. export.), and … Continue reading

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I’ve seen two variations of this quote. both are amusing, since in the end it really is the photographer’s skill which makes a great photo, moreso than the camera and the lens. (and no, I am not giving up my … Continue reading

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photos. books. photobooks!

I miss photos, sometimes. It’s nice to hold them in your hands, show them to friends, and sometimes use them as bookmarks (for books). Sadly, they require physical maintenance and organization: leave them in the envelope, sort them into albums … Continue reading

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