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Restoring macbook after drive failure

As I noted in my previous post, my macbook hard drive failed while I was flying from Oslo to Reykjavík on the way back to Boston. I’d done a complete backup of the macbook before I left. Generally, there are … Continue reading

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Making a book with Picaboo

One reader asked if I’d seen books by Picaboo. I hadn’t so I took a look at their site. I hesitated for two reasons: first was that their app runs only in XP, which means I’d have to run it … Continue reading

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Panorama software for OS X

Lake elmore Originally uploaded by mikefranklin. A friend of mine, Lars Ivar was hunting for some decent panorama software, and found Double Take. It’s does a pretty amazing job of merging photos, even considering different angles and sizes of the … Continue reading

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Aperture crashes when relocating masters

I’ve been trying to consolidate and clean up my many images (starting from 1988), and am moving referenced images to another folder, to clean up but also see if I’ve left any behind. For scanned images, I had separate folders … Continue reading

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aperture/blurb book update

[2006/03/06 the apple book has arrived] I ordered two books (same photos) from Apple and from Blurb. Both were uploaded last weekend. Apple sent an email on Monday noting that the book had been shipped. It’s coming from Portland, Oregon, … Continue reading

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photos. books. photobooks!

I miss photos, sometimes. It’s nice to hold them in your hands, show them to friends, and sometimes use them as bookmarks (for books). Sadly, they require physical maintenance and organization: leave them in the envelope, sort them into albums … Continue reading

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