Braised goat with allspice, cinnamon, figs, and vegetables.

1) Prepare the spices.  Here I used cinnamon, pepper and allspice.Image

2) Prepare the meat. Pretty easy in this case: Goat loin chops.Image


3) Melt some butter in a heated dutch oven.Image

4) brown the goat on both sides. About 3 minutes per side.Image

5) Remove the meat, and add a bit more butterImage

6) Add the chopped aromatics and sauté until softened. Here, it’s smashed cloves from a head of garlic, a chopped red pepper form a farmshare, and some dried figs I’d found in my pantry.Image

7. Add about 1/2 cup of wine, and reduce.Image


8) Add some stock and reduce.Image

9) Add some vegetables, and put the meat back in.  Cover and cook for an hour or so over low heat (with the liquid gently bubbling)Image


10) Remove the meat and vegetables.Image

11) Strain the remains, and reduce – if needed – until thick.Image

12) Add some butter for a nice gloss.Image

13) Serve and enjoyImage

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